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BEST OF 2012

andy stott / luxury problems / modern love

Manchester producer Andy Stott's most mature and forward thinking album to date combining dark sluggish danceable rhythms with vocals for the first time, for an overall seductive and lush brooding album. Unbelievable!


alex under / la maquina de bolas / soma

Known primarily for his driving, big room techno numbers, Under delivers an impressive, gentler, slowed-down, minimal concept album that should be consumed in its entirety to appreciate the artful, hypnotic rhythms that subtly evolve and resurface from track to track.


christian löffler / a forest / ki

Beautiful heart-warming minimal techno offerings with vocals. For fans of Pantha du Prince.


recondite / on acid / absurd recordings

Plangent label owner Recondite creates infectious acid house that continually makes me go back for repeat listens.


voices from the lake / voices from the lake / prologue

Italian producers Voices from the Lake deliver hypnotic pulsing rhythms for an overall lush and fluid meditative journey.

brambles / charcoal / serein

Brambles (aka Mark Dawson) combines acoustic guitar, strings and field recordings for a deeply beautiful and sentimental release.


james murray / floods / slowcraft records

London based composer and multi-instrumentalist, James Murry releases his second solo album Floods, a skillful collection of fluid, guitar driven electro-acoustic music dedicated to the waters.

Floods - Artwork Scan - Sleeve Cover (Large)

public lover / a broken shape of you / thesongsays

Husband and wife duo, Bruno Pronsato and French singer Ninca Leece beautifully construct sophisticated artful, spatially fractured grooves with romantic pop lyrics.


tin man / neo neo acid / absurd

Tin Man (aka Johannes Auvinen) returns to his acid roots with an impressive progressive acid house album combined with plenty of 303 effects and anthem melodies.


deepchord presents echospace / silent world / echospace

Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell's Silent World is a deep and spiritually atmospheric journey focused on the sound of silence.


darling farah / body / civil music

Defined as UK bass music, Detroit born, underground United Arab hero, Darling Farah produces dub-infused stripped-down dark minimal techno stompers.

ricardo donoso / assimilating the shadow / digitalis

Brazilian born Donoso releases his second stellar album Assimilating the Shadow, an appeggiated and refracted synth release with trance-like blissful progressions.


kane ikin + david wenngren / strangers / kesh

Kane Ikin (Solo Andata) and David Wenngren (Library Tapes) team up to create lush, blissful shoegazer ambience.


pablo bolivar / the deep collection / avantroots

Talented Spanish producer Pablo Bolivar's best of 2006 to 2011. Perfected deep dubby minimal rhythms. Love.

moritz von oswald trio / fetch / honest jon’s

Moritz Von Oswald, Max Loderbauer and Sasu Ripatti deliver their most impressive and spatially alluring album to date. Together they create modern, innovative, fluid free-form jazz and dubby techno.


terrence dixon / from the far future pt. 2 / tresor

Detroit innovator Terrence Dixon (aka Population One) creates Afro-futurist, Motor City machine driven music with a silky, deep groove.


porter ricks / biokinetics / type

A reissue of Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig's highly regarded dub techno album. It was the first album release on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint. A deeply immersive must-own piece of history that stands the test of time.


alteria percepsyne / mydriatic / self-released

British producer Alteria Percepsyne (aka Emily Griffiths) creates chilling introspective ambient dub soundscapes.

claro intelecto / reform club / delsin

Claro Intelecto (aka Mark Stewart) manages to fuse together a euphoric blend of dubby basslines with grooving house melodies for the ultimate superb arrangement.


peter van hoesen / perceiver / time to express

Remarkable sound designer, Peter van Hoesen releases his second full-length album Perceiver. A bold clinical techno release with complex arrangements.


forward strategy group / labour division / perc trax

Patrick Walker and Smear deliver a beat heavy industrial techno album with killer minimal snare edits and dark throbbing dubby chords for an overall compelling and haunting release.

the green kingdom / egress / nomadic kids republic

Detroit's The Green Kingdom combines crackling micro rhythms with folky heart-warming tones to create beautiful floating tender ambience.


francis harris / leland / scissor & thread

Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper) pays tribute to his dad that he lost two years ago by delivering a sincere and polished warm jazz-infused deep house album.


nick curly / between the lines / cécille

Nick Curly releases his first full-length studio album, delivering sophisticated polished house arrangements with emotional vocals and organic percussion sounds. Intimate and a much slower than expected.


jessie ware / devotion / pmr records

British pop singer, Jessie Ware hit the ears of many electronic lovers with her unstoppable summer club remix Running by Disclosure. Since then her smooth Sade style romance continues to stun with her power-house pipes and earnest simplicity.


jóhann jóhannsson / copenhagen dreams / ntov

Gorgeous modern classical soundtrack from Jóhann Jóhannsson for Max Kestner's documentary film Dreams In Copenhagen.


sophie hutchings / night sky / preservation

Australian composer, Sophie Hutchings delivers gorgeous melancholy piano compositions with strings. Perfect for those quiet evenings by candlelight.


fort romeau / kingdoms / 100% silk

Known as being the keyboarder for electro-pop sensation La Roux, British producer Fort Romeau (aka Mike Norris) debuts his first solo album Kingdoms. Ideal for the dancefloor, Fort Romeau executes seamless 90's influenced deep house.


manuel tur / swans reflecting elephants / freerange records

German producer Manuel Tur delivers a more dancefloor focused house album with vocals and ambient nuances.


andré lodemann / fragments / best works records

Berlin producer André Lodemann delivers slick, classy, accessible vocal house with Fragments. Bound to please in almost any social environment.